How AI is being used in the third sector: Campaigns, data & efficiencies

AI is now everywhere in our daily lives – from personalisation and chatbots, to image and video generation. But how are charities experimenting with and implementing this new technology, and what might the future hold? 

Join us on Tuesday 2 July to explore the intersection of authenticity, efficiency, and effectiveness in third sector campaigns, explored through the lens of AI. 

In partnership with JAA Media, we’ll showcase some fascinating campaigns and use cases – from concepting and creative activations, through to audience targeting and media buying – hearing from the early adopters.

We’ll also offer our own thoughts on ethics and creative implementations, designed to spark an interesting panel debate from both sides of the fence and help you shape your own perspective.

Join below on Tuesday 2 July either in-person at the incredible Curzon Soho, or online via Zoom.

How to join: ‘How AI is being used in the third sector’


JOIN IN-PERSON: Click here to register on Eventbrite to join in-person for free at Curzon Soho.

JOIN ONLINE: Click here to join online via Zoom.

*Please note: To make sure as many charities as possible can benefit from these free events, spaces are limited to those working in the charity sector only. For information on our agency or partner sponsorship opportunities, please contact Ryan at

About Relay 

Our Relay events are the meeting place of the third and corporate sectors, bringing together expert speakers, brilliant panellists, and insightful case studies in one unique package. Come ready to learn, meet new connections, and see best-in-class examples of creative campaigns that bring purpose to life from across both sectors.

In partnership with JAA Media

Our Relay events are the meeting place of the charity sector, bringing together expert speakers, brilliant panellists, and insightful case studies in one unique package. Over 6 years, we’ve welcomed more than 2,500 attendees and 70 speakers – all bringing valuable insight to promote mutual growth across the sector.

Now, we’re excited to welcome our very first event sponsor, JAA Media, whose support will help us keep Relay free and open to charities large and small. 

About JAA Media

True to our underdog spirit, we are no-nonsense, alert, curious and gutsy. Because for us, it’s never about the size of your budget; it’s all about the scale of your ambition. Whatever we have to do to win the hearts, minds and donations you deserve, we do. From one-off consultancy to full service media planning and buying, to anything in between.

To plan like an underdog often means finding insights in unexpected places. We work with clients to find those unexpected places and ensure they form the basis of our planning. JAA’s buying has long punched above its weight. Our audits continually prove that you don’t need to be with a network agency to access the best pricing. Learn more.

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