New logo, new brand identity: Same award-winning agency

We’re excited to officially launch our refreshed agency brand! 

But why the refresh, I hear you ask? Well, a lot has happened since we last rebranded in 2018. Like you, we’ve been adapting and evolving in a fast-changing landscape. In fact, as your teams have become more integrated, and your campaigns bolder and more multichannel, so have ours. 

So, it’s time for a change that reflects who we are as an agency now…

As a social impact agency, we exist to build brand trust. We believe that trust in your brand is the biggest driving force behind any consumer action, wherever they are in their journey. That’s why brand trust underpins all of our work in the third sector and beyond; across brand, behaviour change, fundraising, legacy, social and digital, corporate partnerships and beyond.

Famous for advertising campaigns that matter

Governed by B Corp & IPA Principles, we dare to only tackle the biggest social and environmental causes, firmly standing with brands on the right side of history.

As a result, we’ve collaborated with purpose-led brands, charities and NGOs to create social impact across the world. For example, over the last few years we’ve:

Championing end-to-end expertise

With over 18 years experience, we’ve developed a unique methodology to deliver end-to-end expertise across strategy, creative and production. In fact, we’ve made the bold decision to keep our production team right at the heart of our agency, because we know how important it is for your strategic and creative golden threads to run through every part of your campaign; from initial brief right through to final delivery.

Encouraging sharing across the sector

Since we launched Relay in 2018, we’ve hosted 26 free events; welcoming more than 3,000 attendees and over 70 speakers. And, we can proudly say that 100% of attendees would recommend it!

Now, we’re committed to keeping our Relay events free and open to everyone within the third sector, and, to make sure as many people as possible benefit from the insights, we post the recordings on our website, too.

Time for a new look

If you’ve worked with us recently, you’ve probably noticed us testing out our fresh new look and feel – and now here it is, out in the world! A huge thanks to those who have given us positive feedback and helped us shape our next evolution. The bolder logo and brighter brand elements are designed to reflect our core brand values;

  • RAW talent: bringing together the best minds to tackle the world’s biggest challenges and sharing insight and expertise across the sector for greater impact.
  • RAW curiosity: tackling every challenge with an insight-led approach that grounds our work in evidence and puts audiences first and always looking up and out for the next big trend or idea.
  • RAW ambition: continually pushing the bar higher by delivering bigger and bolder work that helps our clients and partners meet rising needs and challenges and ultimately create more impact.

The design is very much an evolution to reflect who we are as an agency now. Through a new logo, style and pallette, it brings in bolder elements, but keeps trust, clarity and accessibility at the forefront. In fact, the font we chose was developed specifically to increase legibility for readers with low vision.

Tomas Fuller, Art Director, RAW London

You might have also spotted a few new characters around the place, thanks to our brand new illustration style. The brainchild of our talented in-house Designer, Joanna Zdunik (Asia), the illustrations are inspired by our history of challenging perceptions, and bringing an unexpected (and positive) perspective to things you see everyday.

“I wanted to make something quite quirky and entertaining to reflect the creativity and playfulness of our in-house team. I had a lot of fun drawing these and I hope you can feel the same way viewing the illustrations.”

Joanna Zdunik, Designer, RAW London

What’s next?

At our core, we’re still the same agency we’ve always been; passionate about delivering the best campaigns for the best brands. We love what we do, and we couldn’t do it with you; our clients and partners. So, thank you for trusting us with your important work – we look forward to continuing to evolve, grow and create impact right alongside you.

And last but not least, a huge shout-out to our brilliant team. 🙌 If you’ve met them, you’ll know they are the best bunch of talented, committed people who always go above and beyond for our clients. And, well, if you haven’t – why not say hi?

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