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L’OCCITANE has a rich history of brand purpose and a lifelong commitment to positive social impact. But, while their customers love their products, many are unaware of the good work behind them. 

So, we created a brand purpose campaign film to build awareness and reach new customers; celebrating individual action, better business and shared responsibility. 

Sustainable production for L'OCCITANE's 'We See You' campaign

For this concept we looked at exploring how our audiences feel about sustainability, and how brands often try to engage in this space.

Insight showed that younger generations believe business can have a positive impact on society. But, while they want institutions to do more, they also embrace personal responsibility – ultimately believing in the power of individuals to create change.

This aligns with everything L’OCCITANE stand for. Their open source ethos treats people and other businesses as allies, highlighting a sense of ownership and shared responsibility.

So, the film connects the audiences’ values and actions directly to L’OCCITANE’s, and shows that they will continue, as they always have, to do their bit.

“We see you making small choices, big choices, everyday choices.”

From recycling, remembering your ‘bag for life’, or taking the time to wash up that yoghurt pot – those small individual actions make a big difference. And, when you support better business those actions are amplified. Because everyone with a tiny drop of water can help to stop a fire.

As a result, the film plays out in two parts. The first half centres around the actions of individuals, celebrating the power that people have to make a difference. We cut scenes of everyday life with intimate and dynamic portraits of the cast, placing ‘you’ front and centre of the story.

The second half of the film switches focus to the brand, shining a light on L’OCCITANE’s ambitious commitments. From tree planting and beach cleans to recycled packaging and refills we show that L’OCCITANE, inspired by your actions, are doing their part to create a better world.

I am so proud of this new local brand movie, it’s my favourite! And we couldn’t ask for a better creative partner than Raw London. As a BCorp company, they share our brand values and our commitments about sustainability and people. More than that, they are super creative, flexible and so easy to work with, we had a lot of fun!

Agathe Leroux, Marketing Director, UK & Ireland

The film focuses on three of L’OCCITANE’s six key commitments; Respecting Biodiversity, Reducing Waste and Empowering Women. So, we also created a series of social edits to break down these messages across social media. This also allowed us to test engagement across different audiences.

This brand purpose campaign was a partnership borne out of the B Corporation network, a collection of organisations committed to pursuing purpose as well as profit.  Find out more about L’OCCITANE’s commitments on their website

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