It’s that time of year AGAIN: Running an annual campaign on a budget

Speaker from Jo's Trust at Relay by Raw London event

Kate Sanger, Head of Communications and Public Affairs at Jo’s Trust, spoke at our latest Relay event, Mass Participation: Inspiration, Innovation, and Content, about that time of year AGAIN: Running an annual campaign on a budget.


Jo’s Trust run #SmearforSmear, an annual campaign that’s been running for 5 years. They created it out of a need to boost smear test numbers, which were at an all time low when they dreamt up the idea.The concept is a really simple and visual one – participants smear lipstick across their face, take a selfie, and upload it to social accompanied by a caption about smear tests.

The campaign was initially launched with a press release and as much celebrity, MP, and influencer buy-in as the team could get, which created a major buzz in year one!

Initiating conversations

The campaign has always been solely about awareness and so Jo’s Trust carefully targeted influencers with a goal of creating conversations about smear tests underneath their posts.#SmearForSmear was led by insight that people found smear tests scary and a little overwhelming. To remedy this, Kate and the team produced the video below with myth-busting, tips, and explanations of the process to help people feel at ease with the idea of going.

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