Using customer experience to transform charity comms

Panel discussion at Relay by Raw London

Customer experience journey mapping sounds a bit scary, doesn’t it?

We joined forces with Fresh Egg and Bibblio to demystify customer experience at a special event at Courthouse Hotel on Thursday 21 March 2019.

Hosted by Kirsty Marrins, the event included a series of presentations from leading industry experts, who each brought their own unique perspectives on the topic of customer experience in third sector communications. Marie Faulkner, Senior Social Media Manager at Marie Curie UK, then brought the theory to life with a practical real-life example of how a supporter led strategy transformed their social media results.

The event covered every angle of customer experience to show how putting your supporter, service user or beneficiary – and their journey – at the heart of your strategy can help you design the exact experience they want. 

Below is a summary of each session and a link to download the presenter’s slides. 

Using customer experience insight to transform charity comms

David Somerville, Strategy Director at Fresh Egg, kicked off with an introduction to overarching strategy development, and showed how you can begin to use customer insight to build out your content strategy. He explained that customer experience is a term well-used by marketers across all sectors and industries. It is often defined as being the perception and interaction that a customer has with your brand (or organisation). This “experience” can happen at any touch point – from the first time they meet you all the way through to them being loyal to you.

In order to ensure that you are giving people the best possible experience at every touchpoint, you need to understand and measure these experiences by exploring not only what your ‘customers’ think about you (or your website), but what they experience with competitors and in your wider industry. 

If you were at the event then you’ll have been given a copy of Fresh Egg’s NHS whitepaper with you, but if you weren’t there or would like a copy for your colleagues, you can download it here.

Fresh Egg – Using customer experience insight to transform charity comms from Raw London

A strategic approach to video content

Our very own Amber Parsons, Creative Content Director and Ryan Wilkins, Founder & CEO, talked about how, from a creative and storytelling perspective, you can really leverage knowledge and awareness of your customer’s journey in order to plan and execute effective video content. Starting with why you might consider video as a tactic, Ryan touched on how your video strategy can – and should – relate to your customer journey. Amber then ran through practical examples of recent projects with Scope, International Rescue Committee (IRC) and Marie Curie to help put the theory into practise.

Raw London – A strategic approach to video content. from Raw London

Content is king, but discovery is queen

Mads Holmen, Co-founder and CEO at Bibblio, shared his advice on the technical delivery and data side of content and customer experience – from making your data actionable to measuring ROI. But why worry about the tech layer? Mads explained that 80% of all website traffic now comes from search and social media – but 70% of those people bounce on the first page they land on. This makes it an especially important time to revisit your content funnel and, he suggests, consider moving from a static to a more dynamic model. Doing so will allow you to increase visibility and expand touch points in a relevant way for your users.

Bibblio – Content is king, but discovery is queen from Raw London

How Marie Curie put their supporters at the forefront of the social media strategy

Marie Faulkner, Senior Social Media Manager at Marie Curie UK closed the presentations with an insightful and practical case study on how Marie Curie transformed their social media content to dramatically improve results. She took the audience through a journey from vanity metrics and indulgent communications to developing a clear vision and guiding principles – with the stats to back it up. The main message: combine insights of your audience with your insight of the channel and remember; WHY are they here? What are they doing? Where in the journey are they? How do you add value?

How Marie Curie put their supporters at the forefront of their social media strategy from Raw London

Thank you to everyone who attended the event and for your great feedback! We hope to run more events like this one in the future but, until then, read about our own series of events for marketers in the the third sector; Relay by Raw London.

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