Mass Participation: Inspiration, Innovation and Content

On Thursday 5 December 2019, speakers from Oxfam, British Red Cross, Concern Worldwide UK, and Jo’s Trust gave us their insight on Mass Participation: Inspiration, Innovation and Content at our latest Relay event. They talked us through how to launch a mass participation campaign from conception to reporting, how to test and optimise it, and how to give it the best chance of going viral and becoming an annual institution.

Afterwards we ran a panel session with our speakers to answer any burning questions before heading up to the bar for drinks!

A massive thank you to everyone for coming along – we hope you made some fab new connections and took some inspiration from our amazing speakers; speaking of which, we’d also like to say a huge thank you to our speakers for catching flights, weathering the flu, taking an evening out at a hectic time of year, and rocking a wardrobe mishap to join us! You can check out summaries of each speech below.

Second Hand September: Launching a new participation campaign

Jill Hocking, Marketing Manager at Oxfam, battled through the Christmas flu to give us a deep dive into the charity’s mass participation campaign, Second Hand September, which aimed to change the shopping habits of the great British public. Read a summary of Jill’s session or download the slides below.

Ration Challenge: From the upside down to your town

Matthew Allen, Community Fundraising Manager at Concern Worldwide UK, flew over from Belfast to give us an insight into bringing the Ration Challenge to UK shores, a campaign that challenged people to live on a refugee’s diet for a week. Read a summary of Matthew’s session or download the slides below.

Communicating about refugees in a culture of misinformation/prejudice

Freya Carr, Senior Media Officer, and Nana Crawford, Social Media Manager, at British Red Cross talked us through the learnings of running a campaign centred around refugees and the difficulties they faced. Read a summary of Freya and Nana’s session or download the slides below.

It’s that time of year AGAIN: Running an annual campaign on a budget

Kate Sanger, Head of Communications and Public Affairs at Jo’s Trust, gave us an insight into how to keep an annual mass participation campaign fresh and reach out to new audiences year on year. Read a summary of Kate’s session or download the slides below.

Ready for the next one?

Our next event will take place in early March so watch this space! If you’d like to get involved as a speaker, drop us a line at

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