DRTV vs COVID-19: How charities are evolving TV fundraising

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2020 was a bumper year for TV fundraising campaigns, with customer response leaping up a crazy 91% during the first lockdown almost a year ago today. So how have charities responded to this fundraising frenzy – and will it continue?

On Thursday 4 March 2021, our CEO, Ryan Wilkins, was joined by speakers from Christian Aid and TV specialists JAA Media at our latest Relay event. With as meaty a topic as the evolution and future of DRTV, we gave our experts a bit of extra time. So, the session includes a series of 20 minute presentations, followed by a panel session and audience Q&A.

So how do you integrate DRTV with a digital campaign? Can you replace money lost from your cancelled annual fundraising event with a TV campaign? And, with everything considered, is budgeting for a DRTV campaign in 2021 a good use of your time? 

How to watch

Watch our fact-packed session in its entirety below to find out the answers and more. A huge thanks to our speakers, James Allport, Individual Acquisition Manager at Christian Aid, and Cameron Cumming, Business Director at JAA Media, for their incredible insight.

Download the slides

James Allport, Individual Acquisition Manager at Christian Aid, gave fascinating insight gained over 10 years of running Direct Response TV campaigns for international charities such as Oxfam and Christian Aid. Browse James’ presentation below, or download the slides here.

Cameron Cumming, Business Director at JAA Media, shared data and trends on how COVID-19 has affected TV fundraising in the past 12 months, and whether those effects will continue to be seen. View Cameron’s presentation below, or download the slides here.

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