Effective Use of Video in the Third Sector

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A free event for charity video practitioners

In February, we facilitated a knowledge share event for digital practitioners from leading UK charities, focusing on the Effective Use of Video in the Third Sector.

We were pleased to be joined by representatives from Oxfam, The Children’s Society, Marie Curie and many more, who got together share their stories and results from recent campaigns.

We received so much amazing feedback that we wanted to make the presentations available to watch online.

Google UK and YouTube Spaces London

An overview of support available to charities.

Starting with Google UK and YouTube Space London, Marc Joynes gave us an overview of YouTube Space London’s first production facility, bringing together resources for European YouTube creators to learn, share and create. 

Non-profits can apply to use the space and professional equipment – from the recording studio, the sound stage, or editing equipment. 

The Royal British Legion

Using video to engage younger audiences

Next up was Prakash Patel from our long-standing client The Royal British Legion. The Royal British Legion have invested in lots of different types of video content recently – with amazing results. From using animation to tell the courageous stories of their wounded veterans, to using straight to camera profiles to surprise, inform and educate, Prakash explained how video “has been a powerful tool” in helping them reach their goal: to engage with younger audiences.

So, did it work? Prakash thinks so; “we achieved a “12% increase in younger audiences wanting to know more about us”.

British Heart Foundation

Best practice for cost effective production.

Best practice for cost effective production

Tim Cochrane gave interesting insight into his role (and his stakeholders!) at The British Heart Foundation, and explained their journey towards producing consistently cost effective video. 

Our key takeaway? Rushing video content produces bad video content. Taking time to think about how best to tell your story makes for compelling, emotive and powerful video content.

Rescue Global

Using targeted video to leverage corporate partnerships.

Hannah Pathak, Head of Partnerships at Rescue Global, explained how they’ve used targeted video to leverage corporate partnerships and fundraising to secure vital funding. Just as important, according to Hannah, is the relationship you build with your production agency; “we made sure we chose an agency who understood who we were as a charity – and that was definitely RAW. Working closely together, we were able to use a mix of our own footage and their professional footage to help us tell a really powerful story”.

RAW Productions

How charities can take advantage of 360 video

Is 360 the trend of 2016, or is it just a gimmick? Ryan Wilkins, Founder & CEO of RAW Productions, thinks it’s probably too early to know for sure. But what we do know is 360 video gets attention – and we think now is a great opportunity for charities to take advantage of this new, immersive format to engage and inspire audiences in a completely ground-breaking way.

S.A.L.V.E. International

A video says a thousand pictures.

Or 25 frames a second to be exact.

With so many amazing stories to tell, we know the difference a video can make in helping small charities to raise awareness and funds to continue their amazing work.

That’s why we chose S.A.L.V.E International to win our £10,000 charity giveaway competition last year. Nicola Sansom, Co-founder and CEO, introduced S.A.L.V.E, a small charity supporting and educating children and their families in Uganda. We then screened the video for the first time and, well, you can (and should) learn more by watching their brand-spanking new video now. 

Bringing charity video practitioners together

Come along to our free Charity Content Meet-up on Thursday 7 April 2016, London.

Open to video commissioners and practitioners in the charity sector, this round table event is a great opportunity to network and share with like-minded people.

Together we’ll review key trends, interesting content and the best videos from across the sector. We’ll look at what worked and what didn’t, and think about how this could apply to your own organisations.

Register to attend now, or register your interest in future events by filling in this form.

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