Content as a Fundraising Tool

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At this seminar-style event, we’ll explore the effectiveness of video as a fundraising tool. Using real-life examples, speakers from leading charities will share their own insights and experiences, and offer practical insights and advice into using branded content to reach, engage and convert supporters.

Great for both large and small charities, this event is for those interested in building marketing and content strategies. So if you want to go beyond ‘how to make a great video’, and instead effectively harness its power in the long-term, this is for you!


  • Richard Strachan,  Managing Director, 3 SIDED CUBE – Context is King: Mobile content optimisation
  • Laura Croudace, Head of Strategic Partnerships, The Resource Alliance – Vulnerability: how dare we not share it.
  • Mary Ogbewele, Marketing Manager, Marie Curie UK – Marie Curie’s Great Daffodil Appeal – Fit for purpose content
  • Ryan Wilkins, CEO, RAW Productions – Content as a Fundraising Tool or Does content actually convert?

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