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Some pretty brave pieces of content caught our eye this week. Each one completely different to what you would normally expect – showing you need to be brave to stand out in any industry. Let us know what you think @rawprouk.

Nowness – You are Here

Chosen by Ryan; “I was intrigued by this brave and original approach to a fashion brand’s season preview. Some nice cinematography in there too. Kind of had to watch it for a second time to understand it, though, and look out for the clothing!”

InlandStuido.tv – Friends Series

Chosen by Sacha; “I chose this video because I love the animation, characters and the music. It is also a very accurate representation of most friendship groups – you know which one you are! A great piece of content which helps the studio get noticed.

青春おじいさん / Spring time-old man

Chosen by Lexi; “I loved the animation style of this music video – the aesthetic of the stop-motion/paint is so lovely and compliments the track so well. Completely different to anything I’ve seen before.

REMADE – FM Onboarding

Chosen by Machol; “I choose that because this is a really strong concept of design and animation, sharp slick and really minimalistic. Love the box style.

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