Your weekly dose of video inspiration | 17 November 2017

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The Raw team gave Apple a hard time this week with two videos poking fun at the tech giant (and their fans!). We also learned a thing or two about nagging and enjoyed a gloriously stylised short documentary on a film archivist from San Francisco.

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Google Pixel 2  – Ask more of your phone

Chosen by Tom; “This is rad. The dynamic interaction between the voice over and the actors is a cool technique that’s used really well here. Also enjoy the fast pace and the cheeky tone. It makes for a really convincing ad – even the hardcore Apple fans in the room were questioning their loyalty!!”.

The School of Life – How to Stop Nagging and Start Teaching

Chosen by Jess; “Simple but appealing and effective character animation with a relatable subject and a great voice over. One you’ll definitely want to share with someone!”.

Big Lazy Robots VFX – iDiots

Chosen by Thomas; “I was doing research for an upcoming project that explores the relationship between humans and robots when I found this gem. It’s funny, it has something to say and it’s beautiful – it took me longer than I care to admit to realise they’re CGI robots and not real…”.

Joshua Moore – ODDBALL

Chosen by Sam; “Documentary can sometimes be a bit dry. More and more, we’re seeing better cinematography and more active story structure, but this film is stylised kind of like a Wes Anderson. I think it’s an incredible use of the medium, stylised voice over, motif, lighting all designed to fit perfectly with the subject matter. And I think it’s a great example of how dynamic short documentaries, or even features can be”. 

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