Animation special: RAW’s hot video picks of the week

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Our top 4 videos this week are dominated by animation. Take a look at the different styles and let us know what you think @rawprouk.

Fix Florida

Machol; “I chose this video because I think it shows what the trends are in design and animation for this year. I also liked the material papery warm feeling, and how it gets across such a powerful message in such a short time”.

Nautilus | France A. Cordova

Chosen by Louisa, “France’s case study is brought to life in this beautiful animation. It kept me interested from beginning to end”.


Chosen by Louisa; “Just a fun little animation, and a great display of technical skills. Lovely sound design too”.

The Design Conference 2016

Chosen by Machol; “I love the way they tell us the story and how everything flows. Amazing transitions between the scenes. Beautiful illustrations and smart animation”.

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