Your weekly dose of video inspiration | 23 Feb 2018

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Animation dominated Cinema Friday this week – an hour which sees everyone at Raw London screen a video that has impressed (or unimpressed!) them that week. After much discussion, these are the 4 that came out on top this week. Let us know what you think @rawlondonuk.

ACLU – Johnny’s Home

Chosen by Jess; “A gorgeous animation style – the use of colour is just mesmerising.”

Will Mayo – First night out

Chosen by Thomas; “I love a short film and this is such a beautiful example. The team loved it so much we watched it twice. It says so much about this person’s journey without actually needing to say anything at all. A beautiful piece”.

hitRECord – Two Player Game

Chosen by Charlotte; “I was really impressed with the script in this funny and oh-so-relatable short. Scarlett Johansson is brilliantly charming as the female lead too. If you don’t already, you should definitely follow hitRECord. It’s a unique concept founded by Joseph Gordon-Levitt – an online social and collaborative production company. Great source of inspiration.”

Ringling College of Art and Design – The Pale Blue Dot

Chosen by Sam; “I really like the use of archive in this. Especially as the default is to use visual archive, but there’s so much opportunity to use audio archive in an experimental way such as this.”

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