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Every week we curate and share the best videos we’ve seen to draw inspiration from all over. This week, we’ve featured comedian Zach Anner’s quest for a rainbow bagel, the powerful #OneMoreDay campaign, a brilliant ad by Pedigree and a serious look at sex in space by Logic Motion Graphics. Sounds good, right?

Check them out below and let us know what you think @rawprouk.

Zach Anner – The Quest for the Rainbow Bagel

Chosen by Louisa: ““I chose this because I really enjoyed watching it – it made me laugh and I wanted to see it through to the end. But it also challenged how I think about accessibility in my city in a simple, irreverent way. Loved it, big fan @Zachanner!”.


Chosen by Laury: “The tagline is funny, simple and memorable because it’s so universally relatable and true! You should check out their other videos in this campaign series too – Treehouse and Hard man to impress. Big fan of this technique – short and connected stories are a great way to extend the reach of a campaign and reach as many people as possible.”.

Logic Motion Graphics – Space Sex is Serious Business


Chosen by Machol: “I chose this video because the subject really caught my eye – a clever angle to get people thinking about science. As for the design, I love the technique and the typography and sound design is genius”.

One More Day – #OneMoreDay ‘Unanswered’

Chosen by Lee: “I chose this video because it is super intense and leaves you with chills. The creeping one shot camera move coupled with the eerie sound design really hits home. Very impactful!!”.

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