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Every week the Raw team gather together to discuss some of the best content they have seen over the past week. Every film is chosen by the team – please feel free to check out some of our best picks!

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Isle of Dogs – Official Trailer 

Chosen by Tom; “Because it’s the best”.

Liberty in North Korea – Sleep Well, My Baby

Chosen by Lee; “I like the narrative approach to this charity film. I understood they combined various case study stories together and tailored it into a script which I thought was a nice idea.”

Michelle Yi and Yaron Farkash– The D in David Short Film

Chosen by Jess; “I thought it was an original, funny storyline and is really nicely animated and rendered. Also really like that the 3D has been combined with the 2D animation in the picture frames”

The Atlantic – Michael K. Williams: Am I Typecast? #QuestionAnswers 


Chosen by Sam; “I enjoy conversational pieces and thought the use of the same actor in different characters was an amazing way of playing with structure and using the medium to discuss or contemplate a difficult idea.”

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