Your weekly dose of video inspiration | 2 March 2018

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This week Adidas impressed us with their high energy Original is never finished campaign. Plus, O2’s fully-rounded marketing campaign Follow The Rabbit, a sports betting ad that breaks the mould from Kwiff and a short horror from Toby Meakins that won’t fail to elevate your senses (pun intended).

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adidas Originals – Original is never finished

Chosen by Charlotte; “I saw this for the first time during the Brits ad break and it blew me away. I love the transitioning up to new scenes and the mix of styles”.

Kwiff – Caught Glass

Chosen by Lee; “Really funny and different to the usual shouty sports betting ads.”

O2 – Follow The Rabbit

Chosen by Charlotte; “I love this. O2 have created a fully integrated marketing campaign around this blue rabbit – I’ve seen it everywhere and each format has obviously been  thought about and optimised for each specific platform. Also the track is absolute gold”.

Toby Meakins – FLOOR 9.5

Chosen by Sam; “It takes great skill to put together a short film – especially a scary one – and this really gripped me”.

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