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This blog is curated by our entire team, all with different skillsets, backgrounds and interests. This means each post is different from the last, making it the perfect place for your weekly video inspiration.

Cento Lodigiani – SPLIT

Chosen by Charlotte; “I came across this on Facebook and still find it mesmerising. It’s really relaxing to watch, and I get something different from it every time I watch it. The style is beautiful – the floating shapes, shifting split screen and mono colours tell a beautiful story about the duality of the mind”.

Nike – AM17

Chosen by Lee; “I just love the 3D graphics and textures in the video combined with the sound design. It looks and feels awesome – no wonder it seems to be one of an ongoing series from Nike.”.

Smoke & Retribution – Flume – Andrew Winghart Choreography 


Chosen by Louisa; “Having been obsessed with dance films the last few months producing our pro-bono dance piece for Northumberland Domestic Abuse Services, I just really appreciated the effortless relationship between the choreography and the shots in this film. Stunning.”

Paddy Power – The Coach Driver

Chosen by Lexi; “Not the sort of thing I’d normally choose, but it’s just so funny!”

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