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It’s our first Cinema Friday of the year and we are back with a BANG!

Lucy Rose – Nebraska

Chosen by Lee; “I chose this video as I love the casting of the video. It’s probably the last person you’d expect to be dressed up in drag. The story is sweet, starting out with a dark feel and then ending in a feel good way which is nice.”

Lyft – June: Life is Better When You Share the Ride

Chosen by Rob; “The animation is gorgeous (the lighting alone is worthy of the choice), from John Kahrs, the guy behind Paperman. I also really like how the main character is an elderly lady, not because she’s ill or unable to function, but because she’s a great ambassador for the people-focussed brand story Lyft are trying to tell.”

Ivan Olita – Muxes

Chosen by Louisa; “I chose this as a bit of an antidote to some of the depressing politics surrounding gender identity in recent weeks, it’s a really refreshing and eye opening insight into a totally different cultural approach to something still considered pretty controversial in many societies. The interviews are warm and honest and it’s a good looking film. In short, it’s a nice short doc that I found super interesting!”

Audi Spain – La muñeca que eligió conducir

Chosen by Charlotte: “I’ve become pretty passionate about this subject since trying to buy presents for my nieces over Christmas, and was pleasantly surprised to find this from Audi Spain. A great animation that entertained my nieces as well as my grown up colleagues, and got us all debating the subject! Plus I really want an Audi.”

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