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Each week, we get together to share videos that have caught our eye. Check out this week’s videos below and let us know what you think @rawprouk.

NOWNESS/Jo Roy – Stephen Fry Hates Dancing

Chosen by Ryan; I thought the choreography and expression in this short film was amazing, even better that it’s performed in one-take. Elegant visual aesthetic too.

Mac Premo – The Function of Music with Jad Abumrad

Chosen by Louisa; First up Jad Abumrad is my absolute hero and if you don’t already listen to RadioLab religiously YOU SHOULD. Otherwise I just love this style, it’s hectic and full of energy without being messy… beautifully styled and it’s interesting – what more do you want?!“.

Sodastream – HeavyBubbles™ ad

Chosen by Louisa; It’s funny AND it looks nice – nailing it. There’s lots of charm in the little moments – like using someone else’s voice for quoting them, and the oddness of the extra trolley-man. It keeps you focused and engaged throughout. Thor Bjornsson is also a wildly endearing human being“.

Matt and Kim – Let’s Run Away

Chosen by Lee; I love the camera technique they use here. Just when you think people have run out of ideas of how to use GoPros….

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