Your weekly dose of video inspiration | 10 Nov 2017

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Every week, the Raw team get together to watch the best videos they’ve seen.

Here’s the top 4 this week!

Let us know what you think @rawlondonuk.

Fularious TV – Used Car Commercial – 1996 Honda Accord

Chosen by Thomas “I love how this well crafted spoof went viral, bids on Ebay reached $100,000.” 

Dave Tynan – Heatbreak

Chosen by Fiona ; “An interesting juxtaposition – a woman’s emotional story told by a powerful male voice. Excellent script and performance.”

The North Face – Imagination: Tom Wallisch

Chosen by Sam; “I like that instead of just showcasing the athlete they framed it through the eyes of a child, which definitely adds a layer of wonder on top of how impressive the performance already is. Also, from a production standpoint, the production planning, execution and post production work in this is amazing. The number of planned shots, how well they were framed… they could only have done this run, a few times, so they really had to nail it. Plus, the editing is amazing.”

Canadian Down Syndrome – Anything But Sorry: The ‘S’ Word

Chosen by Tom; “Really funny video, with a great use of swearing on an important topic.”

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