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Once again, the team gathered in front of the projector for Cinema Friday, an hour of creative discussion featuring our favourite videos of the week.

Here are our top 4… Let us know what you think @rawprouk.

Mellon Educate – What the f**k have you done?

Picked by Ollie, This is a really interesting way to grab attention, talk to your audience and get organic PR. I’ve not seen someone in the charity sector use language in this way before and the press it’s getting because of it is phenomenal.”

National MS Society – Off My Wave

Picked by Sasha, Beautiful way of using 360 in the charity sector – allowing people to experience things they could never do – or do again.”

SonReal – Whoa Nilly

Picked by Louisa, I chose this just because it amuses me. It’s nicely made and a decent genre rip off,  but mostly the lacklustre lip syncing and SonReal’s face just make me smile.”

Scottish Widows – DRUMMERS

Picked by Lexi, This is a good example of using a contemporary story for a company that you’d normally associate with older people – it’s great to see a young man looking towards the future and having a sense of purpose. For once the ‘old guy’ is the coolest person in the video!“.

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