RAW’s hot video picks of the week

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Comedy is the theme of the week – from surprising techniques to really inventive scripts. Let us know what you think @rawprouk.

Vasco Vicente – Infected by Music

Chosen by Machol; “The technique is so impressive. I haven’t seen it before and they’ve used it in such a funny way”.

Fun Size Horror – Conventional

Chosen by Thomas; “I saw this short film at a horror festival last year where Karen Gillan was sadly not in attendance. I think it’s a fantastic realisation of her experience at fan conventions (though I feel slightly bad for the fans she portrays as axe-murderers) and as a breakout star. Awesome directorial debut”.

Story of this life – A Normal Day

Chosen by Charlotte; “There was so much content on Mother’s Day (US) this year but this one really stood out. It’s sweet, funny and really relatable”.

Big Red Button – Get Staffed

Chosen by Rob; “This is so well acted and written and I think it has a pretty incisive message which is well supported by clever production design”.

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