Your weekly dose of video inspiration | 20 Oct 2017

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Every week, the Raw team get together to watch the best videos they’ve seen.

Here’s the top 4 this week! (Disclaimer: some might seem NSFW, but trust us, your boss will want to see them too.)

Let us know what you think @rawlondonuk.

Claudio Salas – The Wisdom of Pessimism

“I really liked the combination of all the different styles and it was created by a wide variety of well known animators and designers.” Chosen by Jess 

Anna Ginsburg – Private Parts

Chosen by Amber; At first the animation seems irreverent and light-hearted, silly even, but then you realise that what is being discussed is sexual politics on more than one level. Although it’s broadly only hetero-normative interactions that are being focused on here, it makes some interesting points about expectations and anxiety around sex and body image. The use of different voices and illustrative styles work nicely to differentiate between the interviewees and create a sense of diversity in their experiences and opinions.”

The Academic – Bear Claws

Chosen by Tom; “I thought it was a cool use of social media, utilizing facebook live in an innovative way. And the songs pretty catchy.”

Lori Malepart-Traversy – Le clitoris (Animated Documentary)

Chosen by Charlotte; “I was hooked in the first few seconds and it just got better – it’s hilarious, cute and clever. But then I watched it again and realised it actually takes you through the history of the subject – and it could have been a dry educational piece. Using humour, they created something that I wanted to share.”

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