Your weekly dose of video inspiration | 3 Nov 2017

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Every week, the Raw team get together to watch the best videos they’ve seen.

Here’s the top 4 this week!

Let us know what you think @rawlondonuk.

THINK! – Pink Kittens film

Chosen by Ed; “I picked the THINK! ad because it was built around a very simple yet effective concept. I also liked the fact that despite having seen the sequence twice during the ad you only get the shocking reveal right at the very end.”

Eliot Rausch – Childhood Trauma PSA / Unique

Chosen by Lee; “I enjoy the way the video has an element of mystery to it. It starts and then builds to drama to a really powerful scene at the end. The casting and performances are also spot on.

Burger King – #ScaryClownNight

Chosen by Charlotte; “I love it when brands tap into topical themes, especially at Halloween. This one in particular stood out for me because the premise is so inclusive and entertaining for audiences. It’s not selling you a product, it’s just asking you to join in the fun and get rewarded for doing so – bringing you closer to the brand in the process. A move away from advertising towards long-term brand advocacy and affiliation. Also love the direct and cheeky nod to their Ronald McDonald rival.

Donate Life – The World’s Biggest Asshole

Chosen by Fiona; “An oldie but a goodie, this landed back on my radar by winning a 2017 Clio Award recently. I love how it tackles a serious issue with dark humour and a surprise twist, in order to keep its target audience (millennials, young men) engaged. The line between ‘bold’ and ‘offensive’ is a fine one, but this ad avoids crossing it by injecting enough empathy and humour.”

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