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Best cure for a miserable summer’s day?

Cup of tea and 4 of the best videos around this week, as chosen by us. You’re welcome!

Third Man Films – The Secret World of Foley


Chosen by Lee; “Good sound design is often overlooked or misunderstood. I chose this film because it shows the pure dedication and talent of sound designers, who work meticulously to create the beautiful, subtle sounds that bring films to life. I love the way this 13-minute film acts as an interesting, educational and engaging documentary – without saying a single word.”

Nike Football Presents – The Switch


Chosen by Charlotte H; “I came across this video on a pre-roll ad on YouTube – and I watched the whole thing. Engaging from the start, it’s funny, motivational and inspiring – and bang on the competitive trends of 2016. It’s been a while since Nike has released a big hero piece like this – and it was worth the wait!”

momondo – The DNA Journey

Chosen by Sasha: “This video captured my heart and mind. First and foremost, it’s a fascinating subject! But making the point through the personal stories made it even more interesting and relatable – especially capturing the emotions as their stories unfolded. I want to take the journey too!”

HONDA – Paper

Chosen by Charlotte H; “Short, smart and mesmerising stop motion animation, which builds HONDA’s position as a heritage brand –  a big trend of 2016. HONDA always deliver quirky and awe-inspiring videos, and this is no exception. I particularly love the use of sound – the subtlety of the paper combined with the roars of the engines really brings the engine evolution to life.”

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