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4 very different pieces were chosen this week, from a man obsessed with shopping carts to balloon athletes and perfume… what’s not to love? Let us know what you think @rawprouk.

Kenzo World – The new fragrance

Chosen by Louisa; ” I chose this firstly because it’s a perfume ad which doesn’t make me want to vomit, and secondly because it’s just plain great. It’s a great performance and special mention for whoever was responsible for making sure all those reflections on the stairs were camera-free.”

Cart Whisperer – The Premier

Chosen by Charlotte; “I was researching great B2B videos, and came across this. I found it so funny – the actor is perfect and the tone is bang on my sense of humour. But what really impressed me was that it’s just 1 of 7 amazing pieces of B2B content marketing from 8 years ago! Promoting online cart abandonment software to online businesses, it’s purely content, not product, lead – and it’s that focus on entertaining audiences that has lead to over 4.5 million views. Talk about brand awareness!

The Complete Olympops

Chosen by Ryan; “I loved the simplicity of and humour in these little Olympic sketches. Effective sound design and some comedy timing finishes them off perfectly.

GQ – Inside the Real-Life Database of America’s Firearms

Chosen by Ryan; “This short doc gives you a terrifying overview of how gun registration works in the US. Nicely produced, tight narrative and effectively communicates the resigned feelings of the staff.

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