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An amazing choice of videos all round this week!! So hard to choose 4… but we have! Let us know what you think @rawprouk.

M.I.A./H&M – Rewear It

Picked by Lexi; “It’s really interesting how much H&M have invested in this piece of branded content. They’ve chosen the perfect ambassador for their brand and their message, and I’m really impressed with the result“.

Bose – “Music is my language”

Picked by Charlotte H; “As you would expect from Bose, the sound in this video completely steals the show, and the editing is perfect. Without saying a word it tells a sweet and relatable story. I immediately wanted to watch it again“.

Safely Home – The First Kiss 

Picked by Sasha; This short video takes an unexpected turn, brilliantly using slow motion to make sure the message makes maximum impact – and it certainly does!“.

Jane Bordeaux/Uri Lotan – Ma’agalim

Picked by Ryan, I was instantly attracted by the thumbnail and simplicity of concept for this music video. However, once you’re immersed in the world they’ve created, you notice the immense level of detail and texturing – a really well executed 3D project“.

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