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Nothing could beat the very first video played at our Cinema Friday gathering this week. The 2016 AICP Sponsor blew our mind, and gave us that #FridayFeeling!

2016 AICP Sponsor – Showreel

Chosen by Louisa: “chose this video because it’s SICK! Amazing motion capture, amazing moves, incredible textures and it’s just a really fun, joyful treatment, and you can never have too much fun, joy and colour just for the sake of fun, joy and colour.”

Carlsberg UK – If Carlsberg did substitutions

Chosen by Sasha: “Everyone loves a Carlsberg ad, and this is just another good’un that’s on board with the sport-theme trend of 2016. I also liked the style of following one consistent shot while he looks straight down the camera.”

Motionographer – Join Motionographer on Patreon


Chosen by Tom: “Some nice animation styles here – I particularly liked the use of colour and mixed media.”

Muriel Comedy – If Tube Lines Were People

Chosen by Sasha: “Pretty random video that just caught my attention. There are some nice edits – and I thought the characters were pretty accurate!”

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