Halloween Special: RAW’s hot video picks of the week

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It’s Halloween! Grab the spooky snacks, turn out the lights and enjoy 4 of the creepiest videos around…

Chris Capel – Working with Jigsaw

Chosen by Tom; “Because, Jigsaw 😈”

Shant Hamassian – Night of the Slasher

Chosen by Lee; “I chose this film because I love the style and look of the cinematography i.e the electric blue lighting here and there. I also love the wip pans used throughout especially in the fight scene they hide the cuts well and makes for an interesting sequence.”

David Sandberg and Lotta Losten – Lights Out (A short horror film)

Chosen by Amber; “It was an incredibly successful short made on a tiny budget and on the back of that little film the director / writer was hounded by loads of agents and funded to make a feature that just came out this summer I think. Also it’s really spooky! 👻”

Iqbal Ahmed – Bug Man

Chosen by Lexi; “Love the look and feel of this short doc. The subject is terrifying yet amazingly cool (and I’m happy to learn that the paint is non-toxic so no harm to the bugs!). The cinematography is beautiful. Love those tracking shots.”

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