RAW's hot video picks of the week

Here are our top 4 videos this week! Let us know what you think @rawprouk.

TV 2 – All That We Share

Chosen by Lexi: “Strong, topical and really powerful piece of branded content. A must-see”.

Dead Seem Old – This Mess Won’t Make Itself

Chosen by Tom; “I love this video because the unusual animation almost half realistic and half unrealistic. Slightly confusing but totally mesmerising.”

Parklife Festival – Parklife 2017

Chosen by Machol: “This is a great piece of work because it works really well with the sound. The design, animation and illustration is really cool and funky for a music festival”.

Marie Curie – Linda and Sandra

We made this film and wanted to share it with our whole team because we were especially touched and inspired by the lovely Linda and Sandra!