RAW’s hot video picks of the week

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This week, we welcomed our new Studio Manager, Rob, while we got together to share our weekly video inspiration.

Ben & Jerry’s – One Sweet World


Chosen by Amber; “My friend was the animation director on this and I think it’s just great. A topically political message cleverly disguised in a way that’s appropriate for a brand like Ben & Jerry’s.”

Clipping – Shooter

Chosen by Tom; “I chose this video because it’s a simple concept that’s executed really well – negative space as a visual language is really on-trend right now. The choreography is great too – and it’s a cool song.”

RNLI – Dangerously Unpredictable


Chosen by Charlotte; “I’m really impressed with what RNLI are doing with video at the moment. They obviously have a very clear video strategy, with content to cover all levels of the customer journey. This is their ‘hero’ piece, to shock you into paying attention – and it worked for me. I spent 20 minutes making my way through their other videos, and learnt loads that I didn’t know before.”

Annette Labedzki – Bubble Blobs / Paint Mixing

Chosen by Lexi; “This is just mesmerizing.”

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