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What do you get when you merge psycho kittens, Neil Patrick Harris, toothpaste and – er – Pixie Lott in a Shell advert? RAW’s Cinema Friday of course!

Take a look at our favourite 4 videos this week… Let us know what you think @rawprouk.

Best Day Of My Life – Shell 


Chosen by Ryan: “Although the song is not to everyone’s taste (including mine!), the art design and execution of this video is pretty cool. Really strong use of colour, lighting and shades to create depth and interest.”

Royale the Vote – We are Royale

Chosen by Sacha: “Really like the animation, transitions into each shot and the music.”

State Farm – Home & Auto

Chosen by Machol: “Nice 2d animation with playful cool style.”

Mashable – Adorable Kittens Recreate Classic Horror Films

Chosen by Lexi: “This has been done on a budget and is funny, timely and super shareable! Clever thinking from this charity to spread their message.”

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