Your weekly dose of video inspiration | 16 Feb 2018

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A handpicked collection of our favourite and most powerful videos from this week.

PAPYRUS Prevention of Young Suicide – #BedtimeStories

Chosen by Ryan; “As a parent, this really got to me. It has really caused me to think differently and consider my behaviour around this in my everyday life”.

NPR – Alien Hand Syndrome 

Chosen by Tom; “I liked the personal way the interview was conducted – informal and honest. The animation is whimsical and amusing too which keeps you interested”.

TurboTax – Closet

Chosen by Charlotte; “This uniquely bizarre ad instantly captured my attention by generating HUGE intrigue – I just really wanted to see what she what she could see! Getting the viewer so invested from the off also meant they could drag out the ending for much longer than you’d expect – and even then I didn’t want to stop watching”.

Toyota – Good Odds

Chosen by Ryan; “A clever and unique use of a countdown here gives this video a great pace and compelling narrative”.

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