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Probably our favourite Cinema Friday for a while, you won’t want to miss this week’s top 4 videos!

Global Goals – #WhatIReallyReallyWant…

Chosen by Lexi; Love this! Using this song and the awesome performances in all the colourful locations are a great way to get people to sit up and listen to this cause. Much more engaging than a sob story.”

Harvey Nichols – Harvey Nichols Celebrates Vogue at 100

Chosen by Lexi; I love how the filmmakers have evoked a real connection with Bo for this piece – going further than a simple ‘behind the scenes’. Also – the grade they’ve given it is super lush.”

Chipotle – A Love Story


Chosen by Charlotte H: “This is a brilliant piece of hero content. A really great piece with one strong, simple objective – build an emotional connection to the brand. I love that you don’t know who it’s by until the end… and when you find out it’s Chipotle, you’re pleasantly surprised – just how branded content should be! “

Virgin Media – #BeTheFastest

Chosen by Sasha; “Really awesome editing and great use of mixed media that together creates a surprising variety of emotions – joy, surprise, motivation, humour.”

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