Your weekly dose of video inspiration | 9 Feb 2018

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Lots of laughs and gasps at the videos chosen by the team this week. Let us know what you think @rawlondonuk

Blue Zoo – VIA

Chosen by Jess; “I love the detail in both the environments and the animation but particularly love that way it’s all shown from a distance making the viewer feel like they are observing the narrator’s life play out”.

Nina Paley – You Gotta Believe

Chosen by Amber; “I love the track. I love the female goddess vibe. I love the cross little guy. I love that massively ancient artefacts are being animated with modern technology. Intertextuality gone rogue”.

BULK POWDER – Dominate Advice

Chosen by Thomas; “These videos have made quite a splash in recent weeks (marginally beating our #EscapeRobot film for War Child on numerous ‘top ads of the week’ lists. They’re pretty funny though”.

Candide Thovex – quattro 2

Chosen by Ed; “I chose this because it looked super cool, and there’s an interesting mix of CGI and practical effects to create what is ultimate quite a classic ad formula just turned up to 11”.

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