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Looking for something to do as you wind down for Christmas? Watch these 4 pieces of video inspiration, as chosen by us. Featuring Apple, Clash of Clans, Tom Teller, Sainsbury’s and, well, Gogglebox…

Apple – Romeo and Juliet


This short video, promoting the iPhone 7, is pretty different to the shorts you normally see from iPhone. It’s a lot more sentimental, and we love it.

Sainsbury’s – Gogglebox Stop Motion Ad Break

Ok, we had to throw one Christmas video in there! But this one is a twist on Sainsbury’s The Greatest Gift advert. You really can’t help but smile at it.

Tom Teller – Hum

A gorgeous piece of film about a lonely dish washing robot. What’s not to love?

Clash of Clans – Hog Rider 360

360? Animation? Video game? Winner.

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