Your weekly dose of video inspiration | 27 Oct 2017

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Every week, the Raw team get together to watch the best videos they’ve seen.

Here’s the top 4 this week!

Let us know what you think @rawlondonuk.

The Guardian – Fish Story

Chosen by Amber; “This is just so sweet!”

Chatbooks – #Chatbooks

Chosen by Charlotte; An oldie but a goodie, this has 31 MILLION views on Facebook and 16 million on YouTube! It’s just so simple yet one of the most effective pieces of content I’ve seen – because it is targeted so perfectly at the desired audience.”

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee – Government Worked! Rape Kit Backlog Revisited

Chosen by Sam; “This is a really effective use of animation in documentary. Some people use dramatic re-enactments, some use archive footage, but when the story is inspirational, light hearted or just out-right funny, animation can be a great way of re-telling a story that’s already transpired.

Save the Children – Made in Britain

Chosen by Charlotte; “A different tone for Save the Children, and indeed charities in general. Gives a powerful and effective PR hook.”

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