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Once again, we gathered around the popcorn for Cinema Friday, an hour of creative discussion featuring our favourite videos of the week.

Except, this week, it seemed that not every video was everyone’s favourite. From bad editing to annoying voice overs, some videos ruffled our feathers.

But, luckily, there were 4 we did agree on… Let us know what you think @rawprouk.

Inter-LGBT – The Obstacle Course

Picked by Sasha; The editing in this film is amazing – the movement between shots is so fluid – theres so much happening in it. Really well made with a great concept!”

Scouts, U.K/Young – The Pretty Random Life of Robert Baden-Powell

Picked by Charlotte H; “This short and sweet animation is just one great example of Young’s work with animation. I love the blended styles and the quirky sound effects.”

Twitter – At Twitter, The Future is You!

Picked by Charlotte O; “A super funny parody-style recruitment video, this video is quite unexpected from Twitter – but made me laugh from start to finish.”


Guinness Africa – New Guinness Africa Special

Picked by Lexi, “I love the energy of this! The tune is infectious and the whole thing is so lively. The animation echoes this, with the african print spreading across the city – and it’s so realistically done“.

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