RAW's hot video picks of the week

Each week, we get together to share videos that have caught our eye. Check out this week’s videos below and let us know what you think @rawprouk.

Registerme.org – The World’s Biggest Asshole

Chosen by Sasha; “I liked the use of humour (if you find this funny) to communicate a serious message. It shows that anyone can help to save a life, no matter what kind of person you were before“.

Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert – Possibilia 

Watch ‘Possibilia,’ The Moving Interactive Film From ‘Swiss Army Man’ Directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert

Chosen by Lee; “I love the directors (Daniels) that created this interactive video, I like how you aren’t forced to choose a certain outcome and that there are multiple ways of showing the same dialogue e.t.c The video builds to a beautiful outcome and left me wanting to watch it over and over – a must watch!”

Slack – Amazing: Traffic

Chosen by Louisa; “I chose this because the style is super adorable, and I find what GiantAnt, (who I have a massive studio-crush on), have done with the family of Slack animations really interesting. They’ve gone for some very different styles using the same colour palettes, which I’m taking as a nod to Slack’s ‘all kinds of people’ tag line, as well as seeming like lots of fun for GA.”

Brandon Lee – Hong Kong Strong

Chosen by Lexi; “The cinematography in this film is mind-blowing. We can’t work out how some of the shots were achieved! Well worth 5 minutes of your life – look out for the drone shots amongst the fireworks!”.