Your weekly dose of video inspiration | 12 Jan 2018

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Some REALLY cool videos were chosen by the Raw London team this week. Grab a cup of tea and jump in – you won’t be disappointed.

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Tinder – The Invention of Together

Chosen by Tom; “This is a crazy cool combination of stop motion and CGI. It’s also a surprisingly sweet story for Tinder – quite a different direction for them.”

SUPINFOCOM Valenciennes – The Legend Of The Crabe Phare

Chosen by Fiona; “I thought this was lovely, and really impressively designed and produced, given that it was a graduation project of a French communications school (Supinofcom).”

Homespun – The Mess

Chosen by Sam; “As someone who likes to tackle more abstract ideas or conversations in film, it’s difficult sometimes to find interesting ways of illustrating those ideas. Sometimes you just get stuck in with the talking heads. And in a film like this one, where seeing the interviewer and their emotional response to the conversation is so incredibly important, it can be challenging to think of any other way to present the story. This film does an incredible job of finding emotionally in-tune shots, equally as abstract as the subject matter to keep the audience visually engaged and to respectfully and accurately visually represent the interviewee’s struggle.”

Tim Mason – No Other Way to Say It

Chosen by Sam; “I thought it was quite clever and contained, creating conflict in various ways – the protagnist’s coming to terms with her father’s passing while at work, her battling with a parent to understand technology and the very simple conflict of trying to meet work expectations without direct instruction. All of these conflicts were explored through language in the perfect setting… a recording studio. Also as a film producer, the feedback and from the actors playing producers was particularly enjoyable, not to mention the techs’ exasperated faces.”

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