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Every week the RAW team gather together to discuss some of the best content they have seen over the past week. Every film is chosen by the team – please feel free to check out some of our best picks!

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belVita – Next Stop: Good Mornings


Chosen by Charlotte: “I believe that everyone has experienced this one time or another when commuting into work. Every once in a while a train conductor tries his very best to  create an upbeat atmosphere on the train. I thought this was very well done”.

Kodak – Understanding


Chosen by Lee: “I chose it because I really like these cinematic short stories and think that the emotion lends itself well to the story. It’s also nice as I believe it was shot on film and feels a bit nostalgic being a Kodak commercial”.

Nike – This is us.

Chosen by Lexi: “I chose this because it was International Women’s Day recently and I thought I’d share something empowering! Also I like how this film used interesting transitions to set it aside from the usual powerful women films you see all the time”.

Uniqlo – AIRism

Chosen by Laury: “This video had some amazing cinemagraphs which I feel are rarely used in modern day storytelling. This medium I find really interesting and I found these shots really creative”.

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