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Each week, we get together to share videos that have caught our eye. Check out this week’s videos below and let us know what you think @rawprouk.

Breaking Point – Breaking Point | Breakdown (2016)

Chosen by Sacha; “I chose this video because it helps you appreciate the layers and complexity of film and CGi. It also shows the uninitiated viewer the complexities of modern filmmaking”

HelloDenizen – Pac-Dog

Chosen by Tom; It’s a dog. Popping balloons. Dressed as Pac-man.

Nissin Chikin Ramen- Instant Buzz


Chosen by Tom; I chose this because it was bonkers over the top with some cool stunts and who doesn’t like noodles?“.

Fox Comedy – Fox Comedy Idents Backstage


Chosen by Machol; “I choose this video because it’s interesting to see the processes of a project like that. I think the colours and this style are really trendy at the moment. Love the still life photography and the fact that they add into that the human element.”.

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