Raw London launches latest campaign for British Red Cross

Collage of newspaper clippings from British Red Cross #RefugeeWeek video campaign

British Red Cross has released a new video campaign for Refugee Week 2019, produced by Raw London. The film launched in June 2019 and aims to raise awareness of British Red Cross’ work to rebuild the lives of refugees.

The concept is based on missing pieces, using a jigsaw theme to represent the fragmented lives of refugees who arrive in the UK. The awareness-raising content aims to drive Facebook users to a new Facebook page, Every refugee matters, run by the British Red Cross. This page brings on board like-minded supporters who want to help create a positive environment for refugees and people seeking asylum in the UK.

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As the world’s largest humanitarian organisation, the Red Cross is uniquely placed to support refugees, people seeking asylum and vulnerable migrants across the globe. Over the course of the film, you see the link between the missing pieces and the simple things refugees need when they come to the UK – such as family, education and employment. With British Red Cross’ support, their lives are literally put back together again.

The 2-minute film is the basis of a multichannel campaign which incorporates a whole suite of creative assets and messaging designed and optimised for different platforms. Thomas Paul Martin, Film Director at Raw London, said; “It’s a huge honour to work on such an important campaign. British Red Cross showed a real commitment to the creative concept and I’m really excited to see it out in the world.”

The film has already been featured on The Independent in an article that explains how ‘refugees want to build a new life for themselves and their families – having made their perilous journey here and having lost so much already’. It also received more than 80k video views on Twitter within the first 2 weeks, with paid and retargeting advertising campaigns still running.

You can support the campaign by joining the ‘Every refugee matters’ Facebook group. To can find out more about the British Red Cross’ work with refugees, visit their website or follow @BritishRedCross on Twitter.

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