Raw London launches new campaign for Macmillan

We’re so excited to announce the launch of 3 new digital campaigns for the UK’s leading cancer care charity, Macmillan Cancer Support.

The campaigns support Macmillan’s latest TV campaign, Whatever It Takes, developed by AMV BBDO. Each one builds on an overarching message to target online audiences across various digital marketing objectives.

In fact, we worked closely with multiple Macmillan teams to develop a joined-up creative framework across fundraising, partnerships, brand and more.

From left to right: Whatever It Takes, Find the Words and Whatever You Need.

As a result, each ad works together to lift audience engagement and response. For example, as Whatever It Takes builds on the overarching brand campaign to drive brand awareness, Whatever You Need takes a hyper-targeted approach to promote key Macmillan services. Meanwhile, Find the Words with Macmillan challenges misconceptions to encourage more men to talk about cancer.

The campaigns launched in Q2 2022, in collaboration with media agency, Zenith, and lead agency AMV BBDO. Keep scrolling for more, or click through to each one here:

Activating Macmillan’s latest brand campaign online

Following the launch of Macmillan’s Whatever It Takes brand campaign, we worked with AMV BBDO to activate the campaign across digital channels.

So, our concept builds on the overarching proposition through a series of short stories. Each one highlights how Macmillan nurses go above and beyond, with the strapline; ‘If it matters to you, it matters to us’. Read more here.

Encouraging more men to talk about cancer

Insight shows that men are less likely to seek support than women, and generally don’t want to talk about cancer. This is particularly true for older generations, who are more likely to hide their feelings from friends and family in the hope of protecting them.

So, working with Macmillan’s marketing and corporate partnerships teams, we developed a creative proposition and strategy to encourage more men to open up – and seek support from Macmillan’s services. Check out Find the Words with Macmillan.

Driving people to get support

Whatever You Need builds on the overarching brand campaign to promote four key Macmillan support services online.

Our concept centres on the specific questions and concerns people have throughout various stages of the cancer diagnosis. As a result, the campaign is hyper-targeted across digital channels, allowing for specific audience targeting with bespoke call-to-actions.

I have absolutely loved working with the passionate and insightful teams at Macmillan. Together, we took on a huge challenge to unite various teams behind one digital approach, but great collaboration and trust on both sides led to some of the most innovative digital strategies and media plans I’ve seen (not to mention all of the stunning creative output!).

Don Mike, Head of Strategy

Behind-the-scenes of our new campaign for Macmillan

A few snaps of our crew on set across various shoot days for Macmillan. For each production, we incorporated AdGreen recommendations to make them more sustainable – more on this here!

This was a hugely collaborative process! Our strategy, creative and production teams worked closely with various Macmillan teams and partner agencies at every stage; from strategy sessions and workshopping creative, to shoot days and edit rounds.

Huge thank you to everyone at Macmillan’s across fundraising, marketing, brand, digital and corporate partnerships. We absolutely loved working with you.

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