Digital strategy drives online responses to TV brand campaign

What we achieved

  • Strategy

    Digital Strategy and Campaign Planning, Proposition and Messaging

  • Creative

    Approach and Concept Development

  • Production

    Digital and Social Assets, Copywriting, Photography

We partnered with Macmillan Cancer Support to create a step change in their digital strategy, as part of their wider Whatever You Need TV campaign (developed by AMV BBDO).

Taking an insight-led approach, we pulled together multiple work streams to align different objectives, teams and audiences. The result is Macmillan’s first-ever unified digital campaign which drives online responses across various Macmillan services. 

This part of the campaign, Whatever You Need, focuses on the digital strategy. It builds on the overarching brand campaign to promote four key Macmillan support services online. This includes Support Line, Point of Diagnosis, Online Community and Healthcare Professional Services.

Series of digital assets from Macmillan's strategy across Google, Facebook, Stories and more.

Audience insight

Insight shows that people affected by cancer often go through a vast emotional journey. For example, in the early stages of diagnosis, people can feel panicked, scared and uncertain. Later on, they might be overcome by practical concerns or financial worries. Some even become curious about whether their pets can tell.

In fact, all of these concerns – no matter how small – can be gateways to more emotional conversations. 

Armed with this insight, we created a digital strategy designed to reach different audiences at different stages of their cancer journey, using a creative concept based on asking questions.

Asset from Macmillan's digital strategy reads: 'How do I tell the kids?'

Creative approach to digital strategy

To ensure the ads felt as personal and relatable as possible, we researched real testimonials and featured very specific and granular questions across a suite of targeted digital ads. Each ad also included a bespoke call-to-action, designed to drive audiences to Macmillan’s specific support services.

Importantly, the creative approach also needed to continue the supporter journey from the TV-focused brand campaign (created by lead agency AMV BBDO).

So, we repurposed footage from AMV BBDO’s overarching TV campaign in order to build upon the same people’s stories across different channels, formats and services. As a result, we were able to highlight the different ways cancer can impact their day-to-day lives. 

Pinterest example from Macmillan's digital strategy reads: 'Who should I tell?'
Print flyer digital asset from Macmillan's campaign reads: 'For all those cancer questions that get forgotten in the moment.'

The campaign launched in April 2022, so watch this space for the results. Keep your eyes peeled for the other instalments too: Find the Words with Macmillan and Whatever It Takes.