Find the words: Encouraging more men to talk about cancer

What we achieved

  • Strategy

    Digital Strategy and Campaign Planning, Proposition and Messaging

  • Creative

    Approach and Concept Development

  • Production

    Video Production, Messaging, Digital and Social Assets

In the UK, 51% of cancer cases are with men. Yet, in 2018, only 37% of calls to Macmillan‘s Support Line were from men.

So, we developed this online awareness campaign to encourage more men to talk about cancer – and seek support from Macmillan’s services.

The integrated campaign is part of our creative framework to align various teams under the umbrella brand campaign, Whatever It Takes, developed by AMV BBDO. 

Creative proposition based on insight

Insight shows that men are less likely to seek support than women, and generally don’t want to talk about cancer. This is particularly true for older generations, who are more likely to hide their feelings from friends and family in the hope of protecting them.

So, we developed a creative proposition to give men more of a reason to talk: not just for themselves, but for the people they care about, too.

Importantly, Find the words with Macmillan also acknowledges that many men do want to talk – they’re just unsure how or where to start. It acts a direct call-to-action to drive them towards Macmillan’s free support services.

Representation in production

We wanted this concept to challenge other approaches to targeting this audience, and to really focus on helping men recognise themselves in the campaign. For example, this meant avoiding stereotypically gendered language and themes, which often oversimplify men as pub goers or football fans.

Instead, the concept realises the multifaceted landscape of men in the UK. Across four different scenarios, we feature diverse representations of men and their families – each bringing in real emotion and stories to help them understand that Macmillan is for them.

The campaign launched in June 2022 across digital and social media, alongside targeted activations across corporate partnerships. Find the Words with Macmillan is also part of a collection of integrated campaigns, including Whatever You Need and Whatever It Takes.