The Savitri Trust to join Raw at IFC Asia 2017

IFC is the biggest and most international fundraising conference in the world and for the first time ever will be taking place in Asia in June 2017. As a Transformative Partner of The Resource Alliance, we are delighted to be leading two workshop sessions, as well as meeting change makers in the marketplace throughout the conference.

Emily Kerr-Muir, Trust Manager at The Savitri Trust, will be joining Ryan Wilkins, our Founder & CEO, in the workshops to share insight and experience related to their very successful film, Ending blindness in Bihar.

The film follows a mother and her 3 daughters as they undergo life-changing treatment to cure their blindness in one of the poorest rural communities in Bihar, Northern India. Since it’s launch, the film has helped The Savitri Trust triple their fundraising targets in 2017 and the charity now has ambitious plans to produce more outstanding content to support their work.

You can find out more about The Resource Alliance and IFC Asia 2017 on their website.

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