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Do you know what it takes to stand out in charity DRTV? Find out how to truly engage audiences and drive meaningful results in our new 80-page guide.

Packed with insight from across the sector, the report explores how charities are evolving their TV fundraising across strategy, creative and production. You’ll find plenty of learnings from our own recent campaigns, as well as trends in supporter development, storytelling, donation amounts, cinematography – and more!

A special thank you to our contributors, and to our clients at Battersea, British Red Cross, Médecins Sans Frontières, WaterAid, and Save the Children.

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What’s inside?

You’ve taught us a lot about DRTV over the years. From developing strategies, crafting unique creative, designing for the supporter journey, and producing seamless, high quality films, we’ve amassed a huge amount of insight and experience.

So, we’ve put together this extensive guide to share everything we’ve learnt – and help you continue to evolve, surprise and succeed in the competitive world of DRTV.

You’ll find:

  • Tips, tricks and advice from our team across strategy, creative and production.
  • Quotes and insights from some of the industry’s top fundraisers.
  • Industry trends, reflections and predictions.
  • Recent charity DRTV examples.

More on charity DRTV

It doesn’t stop there! We have a wealth of insight and inspiration available across our website. For example, check out our Relay event, DRTV vs COVID-19: How charities are evolving TV fundraising. Or, read our latest insight piece on the evolving donor role in the fight for climate justice. You can also learn more about our unique approach to DRTV here.

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