Next event: Mass participation and awareness campaigns

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Our next Relay event will take place on Thursday 5 December 2019. This time, the theme will explore how charities are using content to inspire and mobilise participants of mass participation events and awareness campaigns. Register to attend now.

On the agenda

Mass participation events are thriving. More and more charities are investing in this area and appetite from audiences is at its highest point ever. But a more crowded marketplace means more competition, so how do you set your charity apart?

As the major players use their profile, data and resources to strengthen their positions, we’ve seen a focus on innovative strategy and content to mobilise the masses. So how are charities approaching their mass participation campaigns? What insight are they using to shape their campaigns and generate a specific response at a specific time?

The line-up

We’ve invited UK charities to tell us about recent campaigns that focus on a specific cause, event or awareness date. Jo’s Cervical Trust will share insights from their hugely successful #SmearForSmear campaign, while Oxfam will be sharing results from this year’s #SecondHandSeptember. We’ll also be joined by Concern Worldwide UK, who will be discussing The Ration Challenge, their first mass participation event in the UK.

This is a great opportunity to get inspired by your peers, and especially valuable for senior content, brand, marketing and social media managers working within the third sector. Watch the video below to see what others have said.

Where and when

We’ll kick off the programme at 4.30pm sharp on Thursday 5 December 2019 at Cinema Club, Courthouse Hotel, Great Marlborough St. The programme will run until 6pm, with a few drinks in the bar after.

Please note this is a popular event, so spaces are reserved for those working within the charity sector only, and we offer up to 3 spaces per organisation. If you’d really like to bring more of your team, please email and we’ll try to squeeze you in.

Psst! Pass it on

So you’ve just completed your best ever campaign, congratulations! Now what? Relay offers you the mic to pass on your experience and insight to your allies in the sector. Speakers have 15 minutes to give us the low-down before you hand over to the next speaker, and then you get to meet some incredibly talented people in the bar after. So far we’ve hosted more than 40 speakers and 500 guests – and every single one of them would recommend it. What are you waiting for? Get involved by registering to attend now or email if you’d like to join the line up.

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