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We LOVED this week’s chosen videos so buckle up, we’re about to take you through the motions – experience sadness, love, awe and surprise with our top 4 videos this week.

Keiichi Matsuda – HYPER-REALITY

Picked by Tom, our Senior Motion Designer; “I chose this video because it’s completely radical. Crazy motion tracking, a tonne of designed assets and different styles that gave a glimpse into a depressing future. Amazing.

Knorr – #LoveAtFirstTaste

Picked by Sasha, our Account and Project Manager, “This is a lovely piece of branded content. It’s funny and interesting to watch their relationships develop, and the simple lighting and set up allows you to really get drawn in to the people and their emotions. But most of all, I love the customer journey – jumping on the gamification trend, you can find out what your flavour is – great customer engagement. I’m a Meaty Warrior!

Coldplay – Up&Up

Picked by Lee, our Senior Editor and Camera; I chose this video because its just so AMAZING! It’s a great concept and executed so perfectly. I was glued to the screen not wanting to miss a single frame, and immediately watched it again. Great stuff. It even convinced our non-Coldplay fans in the office!“.

PETA Asia – Behind the Leather

Picked by Louisa, our Head of Production, “I was mostly intrigued by this video because I watched it knowing what would happen, and wanted to see everyone’s shocked reactions. The effects are really well executed, and even though I’m not super excited by public stunt videos anymore, I thought this was a good one“.

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